Trucker Tickets - Oakland Traffic Attorney

We defend all Oakland Commercial Violation Tickets.  As most of you know the law does not allow you to go to traffic school if you have a commercial license.  For commercial drivers getting an Oakland Traffic Ticket can cost them their job.  No other firm knows this better then ours.  Our Oakland Traffic Ticket Attorney has been defending Commercial Violation (trucker tickets) tickets in Oakland for over thirteen years.  We know the law, the Judges, the Court and most of all, how to win Oakland Traffic tickets.  

If you are looking for the best Traffic Ticket Attorney in California or, the best Oakland Traffic Ticket Attorney, then your search is over.  Our Oakland Traffic Ticket Attorney is the Attorney that other Attorneys go for advice.   

Don't take chances, a traffic ticket can be extremely damaging both to your Driver's License and to your insurance rates.  You can be suspended and dropped from your insurance.  And, depending on your line of work you can be out of a job or unable to get one.


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