Failure to Obey Sign - Oakland Traffic Ticket Attorney

Failure to obey a regulatory sign is a ticket that can cover many different acts.  Our Oakland Traffic Ticket Attorney knows this charge very well.  In fact it is a charge that we often see being used on the Oakland Bay Bridge for speeding tickets - failure to obey the speed limit sign.  Again, our Oakland Traffic Ticket Attorney is well aware of this and knows how to handle it.

The offense carries one point on your record and your insurance rates can be raised for a period of three years. Our Oakland Traffic Ticket Attorney will do everything legally possible to avoid a conviction.  There is no one that knows traffic law better!  He is the California Traffic Attorney that other Attorneys go to for advice! There is no one better to have on your side and we are reasonable.

Don't take chances, a traffic ticket can be extremely damaging both to your Driver's License and to your insurance rates.  You can be suspended and dropped from your insurance.  And, depending on your line of work you can be out of a job or unable to get one.


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